George Foreman GR12B Super Champ

George Foreman GR12B Super Champ Indoor Grill
Construction: 4.5 Stars
Features: 5 Stars
Ease of use : 4.7 Stars
Performance: 4.7 Stars
Average: 4.7 Stars


George Foreman GR12B Super Champ Indoor Grill is a new option to avoid unwanted extra oils and fatty components from the meat items. The grill provides 40 sq. in space for cooking, and is a perfect option that gives two or three servings at one time. It has a double nonstick coating with a perfect slope to allow the grease and oil to easily drain away. The product involves such heating elements that supply an even temperature to the center and all the sides of the plate resulting in quick cooking when the food is placed in the grill. It also has a dish wash safe drip tray to support easy cleaning and washing.


  • Smart cooking within less time
  • Slope design using less oils and fats
  • Durability of the product ensured with double nonstick coating
  • Washing and cleaning made easy through the dish wash safe drip tray
  • Provides healthy and safe cooking
  • ‘I have bought five of these grills, gifted to friends, and also used for my own self.
  • Everyone should have it in the kitchen. The price is also extraordinarily reasonable’. Kate
  • ‘My friend taught me how to clean it. It is so easy and comfortable’. Jane


  • Looks smaller than one can expect
  • The grills are fixed so washing is not possible
  • Plates should be removable to allow easy cleaning
  • ‘I liked the product, but the only disadvantage is that it does not allow easy cleaning as the plates and grills are fixed. I wish they add better removable and adjustable grills and plates in the updated version’. Rose


This product is a quick, useful and healthy alternative for traditional cooking. Based on the claims by its users, the product seems to be a good addition in the kitchen or can also be a good gift for the dear ones.

Dimensions:50 Sq. In.
Embedded Heating Elements:Yes
Non-Stick Surface:Yes
Patented Slope Design:Yes
Serving Size:2 Servings
Temperature Indicator Light:Yes
Warranty:3-Year Limited

George Foreman GR12B Super Champ

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