George Foreman 4 Serving Classic Plate

George Foreman 4 Serving Classic Plate Grill
Construction: 4 Stars
Features: 4 Stars
Ease of use : 4.5 Stars
Performance: 4 Stars
Average: 4.1 Stars


The George Foreman plate grill is ideal for cooking for small families. This grill flips open allowing you to place food in it and closes allowing both the top and the bottom to cook at the similar instance. The grill comes with a cleaning tool and spatula. Grease from this grill drips into the small grease cup that is included.


Ease of use

The George Foreman is usually easy to use for both the armature and the professional cooks. With the light indicator, the cook can easily tell hen the food is ready for serving. The small size allows the cook to learn preparing small servings of food before advancing the larger servings.

Easy to clean

The grill George Foreman is raised up which means that it requires scraping things off to a plate. In order to clean easily, allow the grill to cool down after use and then clean the top and bottom with a damp paper.


The George Foreman grill heats on both sides and maintains the temperature for a long time making it cook faster.

Since it removes a lot of fat and grease while cooking, the grill allow cooking of healthier meals for all members of the family.


The George Foreman has a nice and sleek look making it an aesthetic component of the kitchen. The grill is built well to last for several years without requiring any replacement. The small size makes it require less space hence ideal for the small-size kitchen.



Even though the George Foreman grill heats from both side, it does not necessarily mean even cooking is guaranteed. Sometimes, flipping will be necessary to evenly cook. Sometimes it might heat too fast burning the food on the outside leaving the inside raw.


The power cord is only 2-feet long which will require the cook to be near the power outlet when using the George Foreman grill.

This George Foreman grill is small sized and hence only ideal for small family with the 4 serving size.


The George Foreman grill is a good investment for the professional cooks and homeowners at entry-level cooking that provides the best value for money. The professional construction design and the off the chart usefulness to price ration is what makes the George Foreman grill a must have in every kitchen.

Dimensions:60 Sq. In.
Drip Tray:Yes
Embedded Heating Elements:Yes
Non-Stick Surface:Yes
Patented Slope Design:Yes
Serving Size:4 Servings
Temperature Indicator Light:Yes
Warranty:3-Year Limited

George Foreman 4 Serving Classic Plate

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