How to use an Electric Smoker

Using an Electric Smoker for your barbeques and roasts gives it a flavor so unique which is not possible to achieve in a grill, oven or a stove. From the stone cooking prehistoric age to modern day electric marvel, smoke cooking is a technique that will, literally, never go old.

If you have recently purchased an electric smoker and is contemplating throwing a party for your family or your friends, it is advisable that you learn to use it first, in the safety of your own, before attempting to use it for a party.

After you’ve purchased and brought the smoker home, go through the instruction manual provided with the gadget very thoroughly. It will provide you with most of the information you need to know for using it.

Though different electric smokers made from different companies vary with each other, we are providing with some general steps to follow to use it.

Before you start cooking with your electric smoker, you have to ‘season’ it. This means, coating the racks and all indoor surfaces of your smoker with cooking oil, and turning it on to sit for about 2 hours. After 2 hours, open the door and let it cool down.

The day or before the day of cooking, prepare your meat properly. Marinate the meat with mustard, dry rub and if you want the flavor to spread, keep in closed overnight in the fridge.

If the electric smoker has a water receptacle, pour the required amount of water in it.

You will require around 4 cups of wood chips per 3 to 5 hours of cooking. The wood chips can be purchased at any local grocery shop or supermarket close to you; or you can take an axe to a small tree branch, if you want to keep it original.

You can use any of your favorite wood for the occasion – alder, cherry, cedar, plum or maple.

Monitor the temperature well.

Different smokers had different ways to control temperature. With some smokers, you can turn the dials to get any temperature you want; whereas other smokers are only set at the highest point that you will need, i.e. 225°F.

Wait till the smoker has reached the temperature you need to put the meat in. You don’t want the meat to start smoking until the smoker has reached the desired temperature.

You will need to cook the meat for an average of 3 to 5 hours until it is tender. Keep an eye on both the meat and the smoker the whole time. You can check if the meat is tender enough by using a meat thermometer.

Using an electric smoker to cook your barbeque or roast will surely give it an added flavor and make your party unique and truly extraordinary.

How to use an Electric Smoker

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