Infrared Char Broil Patio Bistro

Infrared Char Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill
Construction: 3.5 Stars
Features: 4 Stars
Ease of use : 4.5 Stars
Performance: 3.5 Stars
Average: 3.9 Stars


This grill was designed to fit even the smallest balconies and patios. The grill was designed to fit up to 8 burgers at once allowing even a big family to enjoy their own homemade barbecue. This bistro grill heats up to 600 w and cooks the food evenly not leaving any cold spots all around. The grill also counts with a an air flow feature, that grills the food from inside out, letting natural juices to linger and to give even more flavour to the food. Conventional electric grills cook from outside in, which means the hot air, will dry the food while cooking. The grills are grooved so your food will maintain its juices while being cooked. You will be able to see whether the grill is ready to be used by simply taking a look at its red light, which will turn on if it is already time to have the food placed inside. You can close the lid and then wait a few minutes to have your barbecue ready.


Great benefits for an electric grill that costs under than $500 dollars.

Easy to assemble. In less than 1 hour you will be able to have your electric grill up and ready for use.

Practical when cleaning time comes. The grill and its parts are easily removable, that way you will be able to clean it to its fullest without spending too much time.

Great size for a small grill. Serve your family and up to 8 people at once.

Air technology that cooks from inside out preserving the natural juices and adding extra tenderness to the food.

Practical light that turns on when it’s time to cook.

Heats quickly in warm weather.


Lid material could be better. The lid closes unevenly in some areas of the grill.

A lot of air escapes the grill each time the lid is open.

Takes a while to heat up under colder conditions. If the weather is below -20 the grill will heat up to around 350 w.

It is possible to find a few cold spots when cooking on its full capacity.


A great option overall. The Infrared Char Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill has demonstrated its capability to serve families that do not have too much space available. Although the product has some drawbacks related to heating and material quality the product is still a very good option and does what it promises. The grill is also ranked as a relatively well priced item for those who are not willing to spend too much money. Good price x benefit.

  • 320 square inches of infrared grilling area that sears in flavor and keeps food moist and juicy
  • Precision dial electric control
  • Porcelain-coated premium cooking grates
  • Compact and stylish design
  • 1750 watts of grilling power
  • 1750 watts of grilling power; 240 square inch primary cooking area plus 80 square inch raised secondary area
  • Compact electric grill in red, ideal for balconies and small patios of apartments and condos
  • Cool-touch handle, easy-to-clean porcelain-coated grill body
  • Plugs into any 120-volt outlet
  • TRU-Infrared cooking system produces even heat and locks in natural juices

Infrared Char Broil Patio Bistro

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