How to buy gas grill

Gas grills are functional and easier to use when compared to charcoal grills. However, shopping for one can easily turn difficult, due to so many available models. When choosing a gas grill, there are some certain features you should pay attention to.

The price plays an important part and more often than not, the price reflects the quality of the grill. While you can purchase gas grills for as cheap as $300, the high quality ones will easily reach $5,000 or higher. Many hardware stores and department stores carry gas grills, but you you may want to do more research before buying one. How much you spend on your gas grill will depend on what you want to cook. The best gas grills include propane tanks, but sometimes this needs to be purchased separately. The tank will add about $20 to $30 more to the price of the grill.

Always remember to check the warranty. There are some grills that offer lifetime warranty, with most of them providing at least 10 years warranty. Budget grills, for example, are cheap and can hold up to about 25 burgers. The cart is usually made of steel, and the grates are made of porcelain. The medium priced grills suffice for an average family, and include some extra features an inexperienced cook may find useful. These feature premium grates and come with a long lasting warranty. The expensive grills are mostly used by professionals. These grills are larger than the average model and are constructed of stainless steel. The high end gas grills offer a spacious storage space and often come with a lifetime warranty.

When it comes to gas grills, the size also matters. You need to consider the food you want cooked, and whether your family is large or not. Purchase a grill large enough to fit anything you want cooked, be it a few ribs or 50 chicken breasts. You should be able to leave 1 inch between the pieces of meat.

The type of fuel you choose is another aspect of buying a gas grill. You can opt for either a propane tank, or natural gas. Each grill has a certain configuration and uses either of the 2, but not both. Gas is less pricy but not all the grills available on the market include this option. On the other hand, the propane tank needs to be refilled once the gas runs out. Liquid propane tanks typically come in 20 lbs tanks, but are over quite fast.

One of the most difficult tasks when buying a grill is deciding what material to go for. With so many choices, you could easily feel overwhelmed. A gas grill is usually made of either aluminum, stainless steel, or iron. Stainless steel is the more expensive choice and is mostly used by professionals. Aluminum is less expensive and durable, and thus ideal for home cooking.

Gas grills include a variety of features which enhance the cooking experience. You can get rotisserie kits, side burners or extra lights. The rotisserie burner may come in handy when cooking chicken, while the side burners can be used for side dishes. The newest find are the the infrared burners, and these are able to emit up to 700 degrees heat when cooking. They are perfect for burgers and steaks, and help the meat retain its natural juices. Remember all the extra features are not free and they can be skipped if found useless. Naturally, the grill will have a longer life when being taken care of, but solid components will improve its durability. Check its seams and frames, and test the stainless steel with a magnet. The cooking grid should also be examined, regardless of the material it is made of. The most encountered materials include stainless steel, porcelain or even iron.

Many people pay close attention to the BTU rating when shopping for a grill. This rating shows how much heat the grill is able to produce, but is not always on spot with the results. The important part is how evenly the heat is distributed over the cooking surface. If the grill is large but the burner is small, the meat will not cook on all sides and you will end up with burned meat.

The high quality gas grills are able to reach at least 600 degrees temperature. You should go for these because the meat will cook faster without getting burned. Reliable grills will perfectly cook at low temperatures as well.

Some gas grills include thermometers that let you know when the food is cooked. Higher end grills are equipped with more reliable thermometers. Always make sure your grill comes with a lid which lets you split the cooking area in 2. If the lid is not present, things will turn difficult when grilling BBQ ribs and thicker pieces of meat.

How to buy gas grill

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