Brinkmann 810-9490-0 Portable Tailgate

Brinkmann 810-9490-0 Portable Tailgate Grill
Construction: 2.8 Stars
Features: 3 Stars
Ease of use : 3.2 Stars
Performance: 2.8 Stars
Average: 3 Stars


The Brinkmann Portable Tailgate Grill has a total cooking area of 490 square inches, and offers a total power of 48,000 BTUs through its four stainless steel tube burners. This portable grill is collapsible for easy storage and transportation and is ideally designed as an on the go solution for people who want to use it on travels and trips. It includes stainless steel griddle accessory with a total of 245 square inches and has an electronic ignition.


Very easy to set and use

The first thing you will notice about this grill is that you can easily collapse it and set it up – which is exactly what you want from a portable grill. The wheels also make it easy to maneuver it on grass or pavement, so it has a very flexible side to it.

Good quality

Unlike other grills that have lighters, the burners on this one light with the starter every time. It’s also fairly easy to clean and spray down after every use. You can either use the skillet of the Brinkman Tailgate or place a pan directly on the grate, whichever option suits your particular cooking needs best. This grill is certainly built to last long, so you should expect it to work fine even after you have used it for several years.


Not very much protection

You will certainly have difficulties using this grill under a moderate breeze (not wind, just continuous breeze), as the burners don’t stay lit when the grill does work, and it is not hot enough to allow cooking. There is also no cover to this grill, so if you need to cover something, you will have to use foil or an aluminium tray upside down. And you will see that the griddle is almost useless.

A good investment

Of course, this grill does not have as much cooking surface and power as a regular grill, but it certainly is a good solution if you need a portable grill to use on the go for your trips.

  • Four Stainless steel tube burners – 12,000 BTUs each – 48,000 BTUs total
  • Primary cooking area 496 square inches
  • Porcelain coated heavy gauge wire cooking grates
  • Includes stainless steel griddle accessory: 245 square inches
  • Collapsible for easy storage and transportation
  • 100% portable
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Electronic ignition

Brinkmann 810-9490-0 Portable Tailgate

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