How we test? Unbiased Research Methodology

We recieve NO compensation from companies of individuals to affect the content and ratings of our website.

1. Forums

Most part of our data is collected from experiences of actual product owners from more than 900 online forums.

Forums are the best source for getting unbiased reviews of the product from actual owners. Many people, who have owned the product for some time can post their comments about significant advantages or drawbacks of it, its durability e.t.c. on such forums.

2. Websites with Customer Reviews

Many online retailers (Overstock, Amazon e.t.c.) give their customers an option to comment and rate products purchased from them. These reviews are unedited and thus credible. We exclude reviews from people who just purchased the product and only use reviews from people who have owned their product for significant time.

3. Also we include information and opinions provided by product experts.

We contact product experts and interview them about product model or the brand in general.

We don’t include information from reviews and testimonials from product manufacturer sites. because these reviews are often hand-picked and mostly positive and not credible.

We analyze alll collected information and rate several important characteristics of the product and then calculate the overall rating. Each characteristic has its own weight in the overall rating to make it most accurate.